South Australian Native Bees

A glimpse into their world


To try and help people identify a bee they may be looking for I have split them into two sizes:

Small- under 1 cm  and Large- over 1 cm

  The larger bee here is just short of 1 cm. Both of these bees are closly related despite their size.

It is hard to identify bees from photos so not all of them are labled.

Small- Under 1 cm

Bee: Homalictus 

Flower: Orange Blossom


Flower: Eremophlia recurva

Bee: Lasioglossum 

sitting on a pumpkin


Flower: Pig face

Bee: Lasioglossum

Flower: bougainvillea


Flower:  Sweet Pea

Bee: Lasioglossum 

Flower: Oxalis pes-caprae - Sour Sob

Bee: Lasioglossum

Flower:  Goodenia

Bee: Exoneura (Xylocopidae)

Flower: Zygophylum

Bee: Lasioglossum

Flower: Goodenia

Bee: Homalictus (Halictidae) 

Flower: Convolvulus arvensis

Bee: Hylaeus (Colletidae)

Flower: Goodenia willisianna

Bee: ?

Flower: Wild  mustard

Bee: Lasioglossum?

Flower: Euphrasia collina ssp Osbornii

Large- Over 1 cm
Bee: Hylaus-Yellow Masked bee
Flower: malley bush

Bee: Hylaus- Masked bee

Flower: Eutaxia microphylla

Bee: Megachilidae?

Flower: Olearia pimeleoides- native daisy

Bee: Megachilidae ssp Megachile

Bee type-  resin bee

Flower: Goodenia

Bee: Megachile ssp Hackeriapis 

Common name- Punk bee

Bee type- leaf cutter

Flower: Templetonia egena

Bee: Bee: Amegilla (Asaropoda)

Common Name: Teddy Bear bee

Flower: Eremophlia

These two photos are the same type of bee. 

The first photo is of the Teddy bear in flight.

Bee: Thyreus
Common name: Cuckoo bee ( of Amegilla above)
Flower: Eremophlia

This spotted bee has the common name of a "Cuckoo bee". All though it is from the same family of bees as the "Teddy Bear" the Cuckoo bee utilises the nest of the Teddy bear bee just like a Cuckoo bird does.  Removing the existing eggs in the nest and laying its own.

Bee: ?

Common name: blue spotted Cuckoo bee.

Flower: Lavender

Bee: Amegilla chlorocyanea 

Common Name: Blue banded bee

Flower: Eremophlia Glabra (Murchison river)

Bee: Blue banded

Flower: Eremophlia divaricata x polycalada

Bee: Blue banded

Flower: Melaleuca

These striped bees are known as "blue banded" Although in the first two pictures the bands are white. when it is in flight the bands show up as a baby blue colour, giving it it's common name.

There are several sub species.