South Australian Native Bees

A glimpse into their world


The most notable parts of a bee are their 4 wings and long thin antennae.


South Australian  native bees come in many shapes and sizes, here is a general range.

     1. Leioproctus (Colletidae)                      ?                           3. Amegilla chlorocyanea (Anthophoridae)         4. Megachile (Megachilidae)

                1. 'resin bee'                                       2.   leaf cutter                      3.  'blue-banded bee'                      4.   male with modified forelegs


  5. Homalictus  (Halictidae)             6. Zygophylum                         7. Lasioglossum (Colletidae)             8. Hylaeus  ‘masked bee’